Client Testimonials and Representative Cases

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Representative cases

a. Client was a permanent resident who was arrested on criminal charges and fast-tracked for deportation. We were able to obtain release on bond, and then get the deportation dismissed altogether when we showed the immigration judge that technically the criminal conviction did not meet the statutory definition of an aggravated felony. Then we successfully petitioned for US citizenship for the client.

b. Client obtained conditional permanent residence through U.S. citizen spouse but separated from spouse prior to date for removal of conditions. We successfully applied for an I-751 waiver and got client a ten year permanent resident card.

c. Client finally qualified for an affidavit of support based solely on the casino winnings of a sponsor and is now a ten year permanent resident.

d. Client obtained asylum based on assault and death threats in foreign country. We were able to overcome an initial unfavorable administrative determination.

e. Client who was political activist who had been tortured in home country and threatened with death was finally granted asylum by immigration judge after denial by USCIS.

f. Client was permanent resident who had pled guilty to felony in state court, was charged with Crime Involving Moral Turpitude by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and put into deportation proceedings. We arranged for release on bond, helped client resolve criminal case as misdemeanor, had the deportation dropped, and successfully applied for citizenship for client.

g. Client had purchased a false social security card and worked illegally, then went abroad to visit family, then returned and married U.S. citizen. We were able to get a waiver of inadmissibility and obtained permanent residency for client.

h. Client had entered illegally and worked with false documents for years for employer. We were able to get permanent residency for client and family members based on expired amnesty statutes.

i. Client was employer who was noticed for I-9 audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We were able to delay audit, correct paperwork, and help client avoid fine by authorities. No sanction was imposed.

j. Client, a student working on OPT (Optional Practical Training), was granted H-1B visa with employer after encountering initial administrative processing difficulties.

k. Client came to us discouraged after having paid another immigration lawyer who advised there was nothing to be done and to leave the country. In discussing client's circumstances fully, we discovered client was entitled to a cultural exchange visa, which allowed employment, and which we applied for and obtained within weeks. Client later became engaged to a US citizen and we applied for and obtained a fiance visa. Within the required time limits, client married and we adjusted client's status to permanent resident. Client is a now a successful business owner.