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Practice Areas of Messing Law Offices: Immigration Lawyer

Being able to converse in French, Spanish as well as English allows clients to express themselves naturally from many parts of the world in their own language. Our clients are from all walks of life. Each case that comes to the firm is viewed on it the merits and each case is considered important to us.

Immigration through employment

The firm helps employers and employees recruit foreign workers with visa applications such as H-1B visas, TN visas, and labor certifications. In addition, the Messing Law Offices advises on I-9 and e-Verify issues to help employers identify and hire only those workers who are legally permitted to work, which can avoid workplace raids and employer sanctions.

Immigration through marriage or other family relationships

Many U.S. citizens and foreignors believe that marriage to a U.S. citizen automatically creates immigration benefits for the foreign spouse, even if he or she crossed into the country illegally, but on the whole, this is untrue. In order to obtain an immigrant benefit from a marriage or engagement, the couple must be prepared to fill out extensive documentation, provide proof that the marriage is not entered into for immigration benefits, and subject themselves to official interviews designed to filter out fraud. Any irregularities in the manner of entry into the US may require a waiver before a visa can be obtained. An expert immigration lawyer is vital in these situations. Messing Law Offices prepares fiancé and permanent visas for the foreign spouses and other immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, including naturalized citizens, and legal permanent residents.

Once a two year conditional permanent resident card issues to a newly married foreignor, a ten year card must be timely requested or permanent residency can be lost. Pending divorce or legal separation of the marriage partners at the end of two years can compromise the application. Messing Law Offices provides careful legal advice and planning to avoid the pitfalls in the process.

Immigration through business relationships

Investors and traders can obtain immigration benefits from business relationships for themselves, their families, and employees, but such work requires careful planning and execution. Messing Law Offices provides meticulous legal service to match a foreign investor or trader visa to a particular business circumstances, and to effectuate corporate transfers under the L-1 visa program.

Naturalization of permanent residents

Once a sufficient period of permanent residency has accrued, a qualified applicant can apply for naturalization. Although the process is relatively straight-forward, the Government's scrutiny of each case can reveal flaws that were missed during the initial grant of permanent residency or removal of conditions on permanent residency, or that arose afterwards. Messing Law Office provides expert counseling in strict confidence to determine likely  problems in applying for naturalization, and to guide applicants through the process. In the event of a denial, Messing Law Offices is fully equipped to take the appropriate appeals and prevent this important benefit from being lost.

Legal Representation in the Tucson Immigration Court

Proceedings in the Immigration Court are brought to remove a person from the United States. Removal is a technical term for what non-lawyers usually call deportation. The proceedings are adversarial, with the immigration authorities represented by a trial attorney, whose role is like a prosecutor. There are rules of evidence and procedure. With decades of trial experience, I am able to provide realistic, practical legal representation, based upon the intricacies of immigration laws, decisions, and regulations,

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