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Permanent Residency

Permanent residency is the only status for foreign nationals that can lead directly to United States citizenship, although a permanent resident is not obligated to apply for citizenship.

Under existing law, there are three principal paths to permanent residency: through an eligible family relation who is already a citizen or permanent resident, by employment inside the United States, or through an appropriate investment in the United States. Other ways to obtain permanent residency include a successful refugee or political asylum application. Where a relative files the petition, he or she must agree to be financially responsible if the permanent resident goes on public assistance by completing a legally binding Affidavit of Support. Where an employer files the petition, it must prove an ability to pay the promised wages, establish that a living wage will be paid, and that no U.S. worker has been denied the job first.

There are two paths to permanent residency: adjustment of status for those qualified applicants inside the United States, and consular processing for all others.

For marriage-based permanent residency and certain investment-based permanent residency classifications, an initial period of conditional permanent residency is required, usually for a minimum of two years. Beginning 90 days prior to the conclusion of the period of conditional permanent residency, the applicant files a petition to remove the conditions, which if granted, results in the issuance of a ten-year permanent residency card.

After a proscribed period after the grant of permanent residency, usually either three or five years, a qualified permanent resident can apply for naturalization, to obtain citizenship.

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