Sample Social Security Card
Social Security Card

While technically not an immigration document, the social security card plays a prominent role in employment verification. It is a requirement to obtain a job legally. A non-immigrant can only qualify for such a card by presenting proof of entitlement to work in the United States. The social security database is also accessed in e-Verify computerized checks Social security also issues a "no-match letters" if discrepancies arise with certain employee social security accounts.

A social security card can be requested from a local office of the Social Security Administration within the United States using a form SS-5, which is available for download free from the social security website.

When presented together with a state or canadian driver's license bearing a photo of the driver, an unrestricted (as for non-employment only) social security card may be sufficient proof of employable status, without also having to show for example an employment authorization document. An employer who requests additional proof of eligibility within a particular category by other documentation may be subject to immigration anti-discrimination sanctions from the Department of Justice.

Use of a false or fraudulent social security card to obtain work can have serious criminal and immigration consequences.

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Since 1983, card has anti-fraud technical security protections that change periodically.