Sample Resident Alien Card
Resident Alien Card (Obsolete)

This is an obsolete version of a legal resident alien identification card that was first introduced in 1977.

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Unlike the current version, the Resident Alien card does not bear an expiration date and so consequently some cards of this vintage may still be valid, including for employment authorization purposes. Later versions began to show an expiration date and were only valid for ten years from the date of issuance. Over the passage of time, many such later-issued cards may have simply expired by their terms, in which case they are of no further validity for any purpose.

Later version of Resident Alien Card (Also Obsolete)

The alien resident card was modified in 1989 to show an expiration date of ten years from the date of issue but did not enable automated means to determine if the card had been revoked earlier. Beginning in 1992 a newer version placed a white background behind the holder's fingerprint.

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